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at the best price!

Why selling with us?

  • Online auctions: they are safe, fast and transparent
  • Used machinery, manufacturing plants, ongoing business and much more: we sell every type of industrial goods
  • 2 million potential buyers all over the world
  • Short times for liquidity and space for new machinery
  • Full assistance in every moment of the sale

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The right auction for every need!

Small, medium or
large companies

that intend to liquidate their machinery for end-of-life plant replacement or equipment surplus. Companies that seek to liquidate their own assets to handle a crisis.

Machinery and
industrial tools dealers

who want to suggest the service Sell with us to their customers.


who seeks a qualified and experienced organisation for the sale of their owned assets, including small and medium-sized ones. Self-employed person who has ceased activity.

Companies that trust us:

What we do to sell your machinery


Pre-selling assistance

One of our sales representatives can help you creating the sales catalogue and building a full photography and videography report of your goods.

pre asta

Publication of competitive online auctions

We will organize an online auction dedicated to your assets by arranging with you the number of attempts and related prices to apply.

programmazione asta

Auction management

We will deal with all the requests from potential buyers and organise the inspection of the goods being sold.

gestione asta

Marketing activities and spread of news about the sale

With the support of our marketing team and our software house we will advertise the goods being sold nationally and internationally.

marketing asta

Post-selling assistance

We will handle payments and coordinate operations for picking up goods.

post asta

Additional services

Upon request, we will deal with the strategic definition and the operational realization of additional activities suitable to increase the chances of selling your goods.

servizi asta

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