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About Us

IT Auction is an international auctioneer based in Italy specialized in the organisation and management of competitive online auctions, which take place on the portals, e Our auctions are based on transparency, expertise and convenience and are all aimed at getting the maximum profit in the shortest time possible.

In particular, assets are sold through a different portal according to their typology, in this way goods are advertised through the most suitable channel.

Industrial discount is the portal dedicated to industry. It has been conceived as a company specialized in the online sale of ongoing business and industrial assets, liquidated in bulk or sold diving each lot.
Public discount, the portal specialised in the online sale of finished products stocks.
Real estate discount, the website focused on the real property sale.

Industrial Discount is the right business partner for any seller or buyer who aims at getting the maximum profit from used equipment. Our services are dedicated to companies and individuals who want to put for sale their used equipment through a portal which has large national and international visibility and which multiplies the number of potential buyers. Both entrepreneurs and professionals who are trying to start up their own business or aim at improving it will take advantage of our system of online sales. Industrial discount also offers tailor made services to legal receivers who have been charged with selling assets coming from bankruptcies and liquidations.

Industrial Discount strongest points are its high quality services, sale transparency and professionalism. This ensure our clients the chance to buy and sell in a safe environment.

Our aim is becoming a reference point in the field of top quality international trade services, creating value for our stakeholder.

Our mission consists in creating a safe environment where companies and people all over the world can buy and sell online with transparency, clarity, competitiveness and convenience.

The online auction simplifies the trade and maximize the opportunities.
Online auctions grant maximum competitiveness since goods are sold through a portal, which has large national and international visibility, and this stimulates competitiveness among auction participants and offers maximum transparency to the trade system. It is a safe, easy and convenient method, which offers many advantages, such as the immediate availability of information concerning the goods, an international marketplace and an unlimited purchase potentiality.


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Registered Office

IT Auction srl
Via Galilei 6
48018 Faenza (RA)
Fax +39 0546 046748
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Our team

Chief executive officer & Director
Renato Ciccarelli Mr. Renato Ciccarelli
Sales Officers
Ms. Jessica Laghi Ms. Jessica Laghi
Ms. Valentina Pozzetto Ms. Valentina Pozzetto
Mr. Lorenzo Ciccarelli Mr. Lorenzo Ciccarelli
Mr. Savio Raffoni Mr. Savio Raffoni
Chief Marketing Officer
Ms. Martina D'Antonio Ms. Martina D'Antonio
Chief Administrative Officer
Ms. Federica Silimbani Ms. Federica Silimbani
Mr. Nicholas Turri Mr. Nicholas Turri
Chief Legal Officer
Ms. Daiana Argnani Ms. Daiana Argnani
Mr. Lorenzo Raffellini Mr. Lorenzo Raffellini

Our Agent Network

Mr. Franco Chiavazza Mr. Franco Chiavazza
335 5602502
Piemonte, Valle d'Aosta
Mr. Federico Tellarini Mr. Federico Tellarini
335 1304621
Mr. Maurizio Meucci Mr. Maurizio Meucci
339 8064346
Mr. Paolo del Rio Mr. Paolo del Rio
339 4241624
Mr. Giuseppe Volpe Mr. Giuseppe Volpe
348 0171721
Mr. Franco Pallassini Mr. Franco Pallassini
347 0529191
Ing. Francesco Galella Ing. Francesco Galella
328 4197887
Mr. Francesco Cortesi Mr. Francesco Cortesi
+ 34 633152120
Alberto Cuevas Crespo Alberto Cuevas Crespo
Donato Rosario di Iorio Donato Rosario di Iorio